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Cooker and Oven repairs in Dursley

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness"




Hobby King large UAV

Model found at Haresfield Beacon


<>Pike Perfection, Retford

Computer nerd bit

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I am still using XP as an operating system on my elderly PC, not sure how safe it is now the support has stopped






Midland comp Pillerton on Sunday 5th October.   

!st Dave East

2nd Ian Purcell

3rd Me

Gordon was the top 2 metre flyer beating many of the open models

phil.jpg (80681 bytes)  dave.jpg (82009 bytes)

ian.jpg (84440 bytes)  gordon.jpg (87156 bytes)

more photos at 

  Thank you Phil for once again posting the photos and results so promptly.

I think we were all surprised by the conditions that we were able to fly in today, particularly considering the dire forecasts facing us earlier in the week!

Fortunately the sun shone, and the wind didn’t get above 6 mph all day with the direction only swinging occasionally as the thermals passed through.
Lift was available to be worked, enabling most slots to be flown out by at least one competitor. 
Conversely, a six minute flight was considered acceptable in some slots if large areas of passing sink were not avoided.

The master of these conditions was Dave East who flew his Shadow into first place.
Followed by Ian Purcell (Ava) second, then Phil ‘The Fridge’ Hayward (Maxa) in third.

The Premier prize in the 2 metre class was very creditably taken by Gordon Brown, who finished in fourth spot overall, only 60 points behind the top three open class models.
Second in 2 metre was Mick Barnett, with Brett Wilson in third.

(This despite my cognitive aberration when I misread the result sheet at the presentation - announcing Guy was placed 3rd! 
My profuse apologies were expressed to both parties, thankfully they were accepted with gentlemanly good humour by those concerned - much to my relief!!)

This was the last of four competitions in the Midland Region this year (Hawling & Pillerton). Our landowner hosts have expressed their willingness to accommodate us again next season so we look forward to that. 
Thank you for your support at the comps this year, hopefully we can continue again in 2015.

In closing I would like to thank the girls, Teresa and Marlene, for taking the scores and producing the results so efficiently throughout 2014.

Regards to all,


Cliff ran all the midland comps, supplying speaker system, computer results with print outs for slots and results with help from the ladies, renting the field and supply the prizes

We were all pleased with how friendly and well  the comps were run.
The only down side the pressure did not allow Cliff to fly at his best, Cliffs a better thermaller than me, but I make up some ground by landing nearer the spot.

I have had a good year in the BMFA esoaring league, I have not won a comp this year but enjoyed every comp  and won a couple of bottles for minor places
I have flown my Maxa in every comp, it hangs in the air well and has got me a few 10 min flights without finding lift,  see graph
no-lift.jpg (108610 bytes)

BMFA results compiled by Martin Bell, usually posted the same day after competing and traveling a long way, Thanks Martin


Burt Rutan talks about the influence of Model Aviation throughout his life.

Building models competing in Control Line, Control Line Carrier/ 



Commercial Jetliner Joined by Virgin Galactic

Here is something you probably will never see when flying.

They must have slowed way down for the formation flying.

Note the Beechcraft Baron with the door off flying photo.

When passengers boarded this plane bound for San Francisco, they never could've guessed what they would encounter near the tail-end of the flight. 

During the flight, just off the left wing, as visible in the video, there emerges a totally futuristic aircraft. What was it? Virgin Galactic's brand new SpaceShipTwo and its mothership plane, the White Knight II. 

Even more impressive, the aptly named SpaceShipTwo (it literally goes into space) executed a parallel landing with the commercial airliner. 





Just made some ballast for my Maxa, took me a bit of
 time to  work out it needs to be an odd number of pieces 
3 pieces would have been better

4 x 4" wood blanks
3 x 4" lead 90 grams each
1 x 8" lead  180 grams

90 grams
Max 450

ballast configuration

This takes it to 2.4KG, still not heavy for 4 metre model


 South Cotswold Soaring Association 

See Face book for latest news and information

Most photos are now on Flickr



Gloucester model flying club


more on the blog 

 Find GMFC on Facebook (65 members) & You tube  GMFC YouTube Channel 

  Fees reduced for this year

Senior  (£30) 
Senior Citizen (Over 65) £18 
Junior (Teenager = 14-18)  (£9) 
Family Junior under 14* free 

Joining Fee (all) £10 


I have loaded some more photos to Flickr 

Indoor Flying starts Oct 18th.
6pm to 8pm every Saturday from Oct 18 to Mar 28. 
Slots for F/W, Mini F/W, Helis and Mini Helis. 
Bentham Country Club, Bentham, nr. Gloucester GL3 4UD. 
40 metre venue, bar and refreshments. 
All welcome. GMFC membership not required but BMFA membership is.<>


The GMFC Annual Raffle is back! 
Tickets from Andy Riley - £1 a ticket (£5 a strip!).
The draw will be at the AGM in December. 

The Broadleaf plantain on the strip has shriveled but still there after the weed killer application. This weed  likes hard compacted dry ground


Malvern Soaring Association


Upton on Severn webcam 

  Thermal progressive

1st Steve Hannon 100
2nd Mike Grantham  90
3rd John Freeman  80
4th Geoff Carter  70
5th Malcolm White  65


I have collected some photos of MSA members at comps and other places they are posted at 

please add comments to these.
if you have any others photos please let me have them

I can also add MSA photos to my collection, they can be of ordinary models


There are some more photos at 

On Sunday at Upton the fog did not clear until lunch time, so the comp was not run. the lift was good with several flights over 10 mins from very low launches

steve1.jpg (113136 bytes)

Slope soaring








Good lift on Minch in the morning, Kevin and Tony flew HLGs


tony1.jpg (108848 bytes)  kevin1.jpg (132901 bytes)




4 channel transmitter which is a fine for most trainer planes such as the ST Discovery or WOT 4E which only need 4 Channels.I used this as my first transmitter and if you wanted to buy an ARTF trainer. If you are new to the hobby it is a cost effective starter handset.


Most ARTF you will need to buy a receiver such as theAR400 DSMX Receiver but if in any doubt contact a club member


DX 4E spec

Contact Hugh 07806786131 Price £15


Large WOT Trainer ARTF cost £90 delivered 
Please note this is ARTF

– brand new in box never been touched £70

Still in original wrapping 3 days old as of 28/09/2014 and brought from : 

Wingspan: 1710mm (67.3")
Length: 1280mm (50.4")
Weight: 2.6 kg (5.7 lb)
Servos: 4 Standard (Req.)
Radio System: 4 Channel (Req.)
IC Engine: .40 - .46 2-Stroke (Req.)
Recommended EP Conversion
• Motor: KMS Quantum 4120/05
• ESC: KMS Sentry 60
• Battery: Impulse 4S 3200-4000mAh LiPo
Electric Motor: KMS Quantum 4120/05 (Req.)
/C Rec: KMS Sentry 60
LiPo: 4S 14.8Vl 4000-4800mAh (Req.)

Contact Hugh 07806786131



18/10/14 GMFC indoor flying starts Betham nr Cheltenham
October 26
Gaydon Static Display and Trade Show
Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road Gaydon, Warwickshire CV35 0BJ United Kingdom+ 
19th nov Wed SCSA auction at the BGGC 8.00PM
07/12/2014  BARCS AGM and Soaring Market Parklands Oadby Leicester  

HLG www